Friday evenings

Our most relaxed evening session is on Friday – usually between four and seven tables and excellent for less experienced players, although the session is not suitable for complete beginners. It's also a rare opportunity to play teams scoring.

Teams will be made up by a random draw from the pairs present (but see the note about the Moorstone Cup on this page).

If you have no partner, Mary and Gareth will attempt to find one for you - just contact them using the form below as early as you can.

Even if you are a complete pair it would be very helpful to us if you could also fill in the form just to let us know you intend to play, but you can just turn up on the night and be sure to get a game.

Play starts promptly at 7.15pm, so please arrive by 7.10pm.

Please let us know ...

If you need a partner or intend to play on Friday, please complete and send this form by Wednesday 5pm.

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We play Teams if possible, by matching up pairs without team-mates.

But if there are an odd number of pairs, we play Cross-IMPed Pairs.

For players who play frequently on Fridays, each session is part of a Friday League, which runs over twelve weeks.

Moorstone Cup

Once a year (typically mid-September) the Friday session hosts the Club Handicapped Teams Championship, the Moorstone Cup. You are encouraged to form your own team of four for this event; if you don't have a partner or teammates please contact Gareth or Mary in the usual way as soon as you can.

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