We are happy to host matches at our Club, subject to the following restrictions:


Because we are in a residential area, we have to lock-up by 11pm, and we cannot host matches that may run past that time; we will be in breach of our lease agreement, and those wishing to lock up may well evict you. The earliest start time for a match is 7pm. As a guideline, 30 boards without a tea-break or 24 boards with a tea break (e.g. a NICKO match) should be fine, provided that players play at a reasonable speed.


We can accommodate 12½ tables at a push, so matches on a Monday night are discouraged, although we may allow one match to be played. On a Wednesday or Friday night we can accommodate up to two matches (four tables).

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Match arrangements

Team captains should notify the Director in advance of the intention to play a match or put it on the calendar in the Director's cupboard.

Match table money is charged at normal rates. For ACBA League or KO matches and event qualifiers, all the players are charged individually. In other matches (e.g. EBU events), the Home team are responsible for the table money of both teams, but the Away team play for free if the Home team is entirely Club members, or for 50% if the Home team has at least one Club member.

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