Improve your Bridge 2016

... with regional expert David Jones

This was a very popular and successful course given by David in Autumn 2016.

Each session started with a lesson from David, followed by practice using set hands relating to the subject and finishing with a summary and chance to answer further questions. Material to take home included further practice.

About David Jones

David has been one of the South-West’s top-ranked players for many years. Currently an NGS Ace of Hearts, he was coach to the England Open Team at the recent World Bridge Games. Locally, he has been part of the team that has set up the very successful Thursday afternoon supervised play sessions at the West of England Club, where there is friendly bridge with guidance on tap, with the aim of enjoyment and improvement.

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The topics

Bidding balanced hands
Shape considerations
Planning your rebid
No-trump bids by opener and

Making and developing tricks
Position, ruffing, suit establishment
 and length card combinations

Leads, signals and bidding analysis
Leading style
Main methods of defensive signalling
Understanding the bidding inferences
 when leading

Bidding unbalanced hands
Shape considerations
Showing strength as opener
The ‘Barrier’ principle

Planning the play
Declarer play thinking
Counting winners and losers
Trick development

Planning the defence
Defensive thinking and strategies
Deduction and inference.

The overcall and the take-out double
Hand types: double or overcall?
One- and two-level overcalls
Responding to overcalls and doubles

Entries and communications
Planning and ensuring entries are fluid
Ducking and hold-up plays

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