Club competitions

Annually we run a number of Club competitions in place of a regular Monday, Wednesday or Friday evening session.

Moorstone Cup
2017 winners: Bernice Horseman, Brian Burridge, Laurie Barth, Jen Challoner
Date of next event: September 2018
Type of competition: Handicapped Multiple Teams

Pairs Championship
2017 winners: George Whyte + Alan Franks tied with Eric Page + Colin Oakley
Date of next event: October 2018
Type of competition: Match-pointed Pairs

Individual Championship
2017 winner: Jan Duncan
Date of next event: November 2018
Type of competition: Individual; no partner needed

Lewis Morton Pairs
2018 winners: Brian Sharples and Dave Griffiths
Date of next event: February 2019
Type of competition: Handicapped Match-pointed Pairs

Nick Barham-Hall Trophy
2018 winners: Jane Drew and Mike Chan
Date of next event: March 2019
Type of competition: Cross-imped Pairs

Preddy Cup
2018 winners: Ian Mundy, Margaret Mundy, Fiona Herlihy, Pat Clowes
Date of next event: April 2019
Type of competition: Multiple Teams

Club Mixed Pairs
2018 winners: Jan Duncan and David Jones
Date of next event: May 2019
Type of competition: Match-pointed Pairs; partners must be of opposite sex


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Entering a Club competition

All Club competitions are single session.

To win these competitions you and your partner or team-mates must all be paid-up Club Members; you can still play in the event if not, but your partnership or team cannot win the competition.

There is no need to enter in advance.

For most of the competitions you will need either a partner or a complete team of four; if you do not, please phone Alan Williams (0117 923 0020) as soon as possible before the day and he will endeavour to fix it.

As for our regular sessions, play starts at 7.30pm, so please be seated by 7:25pm. There is plenty of free car parking available on site, and our licensed bar is available all evening.

Hands are pre-dealt, with hand records provided at the end of play. We use BridgeMates to enter results at the table, so the results are out as soon as the last hand has been played, and are also available on our website the same night, and via Pianola.

The winner(s) will appear on this honours board, and receive a personalised engraved trophy, normally at the Christmas Party.

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